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21 August 2015

I’ve added a trio of new mystery genre sites I’d recently discovered to my list of links. First up is International Noir Fiction. Reviews cover books and few movies and TV series that have made their way stateside. If it’s been translated into English, chances are you might find a review for it here. Stylistically,… Read More ›

New Links

Recently I’ve added several new links to blogs and websites, and it’s about time I talk about them. In the Local Links section (scroll down to the blue banner below), I’ve added links to the Preservation Association of CNY and Syracuse Guru. The Preservation Association of CNY (PACNY) was founded in 1974.  They are “dedicated… Read More ›

Pen, Ink, and Crimes

The newest blog added to my links page is Pen, Ink, and Crimes.  The blog, begun in August 2010, is a home of sorts for the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime.  The focus was to “update you on our news and information” but has expanded to include tips on writing, interviews, and more. 2010 saw… Read More ›

Famous Detectives

Here’s a new link to check out, Famous Detectives. This index of detectives, fictional and real, may not be exhaustive, but it does cover a number of well-known sleuths separated by category.  Detective categories include: private investigators, amateurs, police, medical examiner, and TV sleuths.  Each sleuth is given a bio page of sorts with info about… Read More ›

Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

Do you love a good recipe along with your mystery? Some culinary authors have teamed up to present the Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen, a blog with “mystery writers cooking up crimes…and recipes!” The blog began in July 2009 with an inaugural post by Avery Aames.  The site currently features authors: Avery Aames (the pseudonym for Daryl Wood Gerber),  Lucy… Read More ›

The Thrilling Detective

Looking for private eyes and tough guys?  Look no further than The Thrilling Detective.  Part webzine, part website, The Thrilling Detective has been chronicling the private detective genre of mysteries for 15 years. The site boasts a “never complete” index of “private dicks and janes” in books, television, film, radio, and comic books.  With hundreds of names, well-known… Read More ›

The Lady Killers

The newest addition to my blogroll is The Lady Killers. This “unsuitable blog for a woman” is geared to readers and writers of crime fiction.  Begun in May 2012, this site features the musings of Mysti Berry, Michael Black, Priscilla Royal, Susan Shea, Penny Warner, Carole Price, Terry Shames, Staci McLaughlin, Hannah Jayne, Rita Lakin,… Read More ›

The Poisoned Martini +

The Poisoned Martini is expanding! That’s right.  Now, there’s The Poisoned Martini+.  In addition to a feed of The Poisoned Martini‘s posts, this companion site also includes more frequent updates with photos, quotes, links, and more!  The idea is to create a more visual experience and less focus on text.  With the new site, using Tumblr,… Read More ›

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

With news, interviews, giveaways, and reviews, the Cozy Mystery Book Reviews is an active site for fans of mysteries, and in particular, the cozy subgenre. The Cozy Mystery Book Reviews blog boasts ten full-time reviewers (and six guest ones) and nearly 2,000 fans, making them one of the most active cozy mystery sites.  They’re hosted… Read More ›


With the tagline: Websites for Writers, Communities for Readers, Writerspace is an expansive site for everyone who loves fiction, particularly romance and mysteries! Writerspace was founded in 1998 and is now home to over 550 authors.  Readers are encouraged “to gather, talk to each other, learn about releases and communicate with authors.  The authors featured are… Read More ›

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