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I’ve added a trio of new mystery genre sites I’d recently discovered to my list of links.

First up is International Noir Fiction. Reviews cover books and few movies and TV series that have made their way stateside. If it’s been translated into English, chances are you might find a review for it here.

Stylistically, the site is a bit bare bones with a few crime links, and the current year’s crop of posts is slim. However, there are more than 700 posts about international crime fiction dating back to the site’s launch in August 2005. And blogger Glenn Harper’s reviews have recently been appearing on site #2.

Life Sentence logoThe Life Sentence is an online magazine that “aspires to be a community for writers, reviewers, and fans to discuss current books, movies, television shows, and actual crimes, and to bring a new rigor and enthusiasm to these discussions.”  They strive to be the destination for “sophisticated crime fiction/noir fans go to for reviews and stimulating criticism.”

The site covers noir, mystery, espionage, true crime, cozy and thrillers categories in fiction, nonfiction, movies and television. Besides the four editors, the site boasts an editorial board with numerous names that should be familiar to mystery readers. They also interact with readers and mystery fans on their Facebook page.

I particularly like their cleverly-named features.  Author interviews are “Interrogations”, popular topics and posts can be found under the “Most Wanted” sidebar, and then there’s “Riff-Raff”, a page for giveaways.

And the last of the trio of site’s is Mystery*File. In the early 1970s, Steve Lewis began printing a ‘zine “Devoted to mystery and detective fiction — the books, the films, the authors, and those who read, watch, collect and make annotated lists of them.” His early love of mysteries, including the Hardy Boys and Perry Mason developed into a passion for “making lists and writing reviews.” The ‘zine eventually moved to the internet and then to its current incarnation in December 2006.

The focus is heavily on classic titles and  pulp fiction, mysteries of the Golden era, and films that have mystery and noir elements along with a few Westerns.

Check out all three sites and visit my links page for more sites and blogs to visit.

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