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15 Years of Mysteries: Part Five

19 November 2019

Welcome to Part Five of 15 Years of Mysteries! In 2008, my local library moved to a new location and the Mystery Book Club moved along with it. Since the move closed the library for two weeks in January, the club did not meet that month. Fittingly, when we resumed in February, the club read… Read More ›

15 Years of Mysteries: Part Four

Welcome to Part Four of 15 Years of Mysteries! The Mystery Book Club (at my local library) continued its tour of mystery fiction with several women authors. Perhaps the biggest mystery of the year, however, was why there wasn’t a selection for May 2007. I’ve not been able to find a single document, file, listing,… Read More ›

15 Years of Mysteries: Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of 15 Years of Mysteries! The Mystery Book Club (at my local library) kicked off its third year of reading with a tie in to a local community initiative. In the late 1990s / early 2000s, several communities across the United States created “If all of {city name} read the same… Read More ›

15 Years of Mysteries: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of 15 Years of Mysteries! The first full year of hosting a Mystery Book Club at my local library included a variety of titles in the mystery genre, including cozies and private investigators. In 2004, I began a book discussion group focused on the mystery genre. In the 15 years since… Read More ›

15 Years of Mysteries

Working at my local library over the years has been a perfect fit for my varied interests, particularly literary ones. In 2004, I began a book discussion group focused on the mystery genre. This Mystery Book Club has evolved over the years and continues to meet at the library today. In the 15 years since… Read More ›

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Is it the greatest spy thriller ever written? The Spy Who Came in From the Cold certainly ranks highly on best crime/mystery lists and is considered a quintessential Cold War era spy novel. In it, British agent Alec Leamas becomes part of a careful laid plan. One that even he may not be fully apprised… Read More ›

By Its Cover: Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge

A woman holds up a glowing martini glass in front of a green-lit bar. The mix of light and shadow draw the eye, but it’s the subject matter that piques interest: a novel of magic and mixology. Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge is, according to the book blurb, an urban fantasy that “blends alcohol… Read More ›

Aaron Elkins’ Old Bones

An ingenious murder kicks off this award-winning Gideon Oliver mystery. The story opens with a man exploring the tidal pools of Mont St. Michel Bay, but who appears lost in thought. “For many minutes he remained so, unmoving, lost in reflection, and then he tensed suddenly.” He hears the tide rushing in. “The tide! How… Read More ›

The Third Man

Graham Greene’s The Third Man has the aura of familiarity about it. It’s one of those works that’s part of the collective consciousness, much like Romeo and Juliet, Gone with the Wind, The Maltese Falcon, and several Greek myths, that—whether or not one has seen or read them—we have a sense of their basic story… Read More ›

Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent

Radicals, extremists, anarchists, terrorists… they’ve been around in some form since the dawn of civilization. Adolf Verloc would seem an unlikely agent of terror. Ostensibly he was a shopkeeper. “The shop was small, and so was the house. It was one of those grimy brick houses which existed in large quantities before the era of… Read More ›

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