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The Lady Killers

The newest addition to my blogroll is The Lady Killers.

This “unsuitable blog for a woman” is geared to readers and writers of crime fiction.  Begun in May 2012, this site features the musings of Mysti Berry, Michael Black, Priscilla Royal, Susan Shea, Penny Warner, Carole Price, Terry Shames, Staci McLaughlin, Hannah Jayne, Rita Lakin, Sharan Newman, Margaret Lucke, Ann Paker and Patricia Morin.  These ladies, and one gent, rotate duties blogging about all things mystery and writing.

Recent articles of interest to writers include tips on creating a sense of place through telling details (see this post) and how too many details can detract (see this post).  In fact, the recent topic being addressed on the blog is “Telling Details.”  The prior topic was “Food for Thought.”

The blog also has news about these authors’ works as well as links to their websites for more information about each of them.  They may not all be well-known names, but it’s always interesting to follow what other authors and writers are up to in your genre.

Check out the blog here.

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