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Syracuse, NY

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Map of Onondaga County circa 1975

Map of Onondaga County circa 1975

Syracuse, New York, is a medium-sized city situated in the very heart of New York State with a diverse population that’s neither too large nor too small.  It’s the major metropolis within the County of Onondaga and is known historically for being “the city that salt built.”  Today, many know Syracuse for its university’s sports team and as the seat for the New York State Fair.

From time to time, Syracuse has popped up on the pop cultural radar in books, television, and film.  TV series The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and Criminal Minds are just a few of the shows to mention or have scenes set in Syracuse.  Films such as Slap Shot and Lady in White (1988) filmed scenes in Syracuse and reference the city, as did The Express (2008) which is about Syracuse University football legend Ernie Davis.  Most recently, Syracuse and its environs were featured in Adult World (2013), starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts.

For me, Syracuse is home. It has inspired and shaped much of my writing. This page is dedicated to presenting fact and fiction in my Syracuse Mystery series.

“Since the 1980s, the City of Syracuse has averaged between 8 and 15 murders in any given year.  In 1986, Onondaga County was ranked as New York State’s 10th most populated county and ranked 8th in the overall number of crimes.  So far this year, Syracuse was experiencing a banner year.  Not counting the surrounding suburbs, the city had already had eight homicides.  With the recent murders at the Gardens, that count was now ten.  Given that it was the middle of May, prospects for the rest of the year did not bode well.”  – an excerpt from my third book, Murder at the Gardens.

Over time I’ll be adding much more to this page.  Stay tuned…


The Town of DeWitt is adjacent to the City of Syracuse.

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