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BrianBrian Abbott is the author the Syracuse Mystery series, including Death on Stoneridge and Death at Danforth House. A graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in English and Public Relations, Brian is a paralibrarian at the Community Library of DeWitt & Jamesville, where he’s responsible for public relations, publications, and selecting mysteries, fantasy, and graphic novels for the collection. He also hosts monthly book discussions and quarterly murder mystery events. He lives in Syracuse, NY, where he was born and raised, but has had the opportunity to travel extensively. Besides writing, Brian enjoys reading, theatre, film, gaming, and travel.


The Ming and the Ching…

This is Ming-Lee. She’s a 15 year-old Pekingese who still looks like a puppy. A finicky eater, Ming likes her meals cooked. If it’s got to be dog food; it’s gotta have something in it. Something like chicken, rice, spaghetti…

Ming was born on 1 August 2000, and she’s every bit a Leo. More cat-like than dog, she must be treated like a queen. She’s not partial to strangers, and she will raise a ruckus. When one of my aunts came to visit, Ming barked for three hours straight! Sadly, she passed away on June 1, 2016, just two months shy of her sixteenth birthday, but lives on in my stories and my thoughts. For more about Ming, read Just One More Day.

And here’s the Ching. He’s a 13 year-old Pekingese…yes, really! He may look like a Saint Bernard–and weigh like one–but he is actually pure Pekingese. Adorable, playful, and likes to nip fingers. He didn’t like it when Ming played with his toys, even if some of them were hers first. There are times when I think he missed Ming, but then he realized he got all the attention.

Ching was born on 5 October 2008, making him a Libra. At around 23 pounds, he could go into dead-weight mode, making it ever so difficult to pick him up. He seldomed barked or made a fuss, and he loved attention. He was a true buddy to have around for much of the past few years (and the pandemic), but it was time to say goodbye on January 19, 2022.

This lovable twosome appear in a children’s book I’ve been toying with involving demented squirrels…or at least just slightly insane. Or perhaps other stories yet to come…


In the News…

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