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For cocktail recipes. Martini is often used as a term for a variety of mixed drinks.

Friday Cocktail

27 April 2018

Time for some monkey business for this Friday cocktail; try The Monkey Gland. It may sound unappealing, but the drink is actually rather enjoyable with its citrus-y flavor and hint of something more. That something more would be Absinthe. Seemingly the popular drink of choice for artists, poets, and writers of Jazz Age and earlier… Read More ›

Cocktail Special

‘Tis time for a cocktail, and what better choice than one called The Dubliner ? The Dubliner is only a couple decades old. As is the case with many cocktails debuting in that time-frame,  several drinks share the name, but the most commonly found recipe is the one below which was created in the late… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

Dress it up this Friday with a Tuxedo cocktail! The Tuxedo (no. 2) cocktail dates back to the classic pre-Prohibition cocktail period. In fact, it would most likely have been created before 1912 since that’s the year absinthe was banned in the United States, following bans in several European countries. Fast forward one hundred years… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

Have a treat this Friday with a Banana Split cocktail! This is one of those modern cocktail creations that tries to mimic the flavor of something familiar, typically a dessert or candy. Previously I featured the Chocolate-Covered Cherry (or Cherry Cordial) cocktail which I’d first encountered at a former Toronto restaurant. This Friday’s cocktail is… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

Celebrate summer with the colorful Flamingo cocktail! The Flamingo cocktail dates back to at least the mid-1960s, appearing in the 1966 paperback edition of The Diner’s Club Drink Book. The book lists a copyright of 1961 for the original hardcover edition. There are several variations of this cocktail using either rum or vodka (or both!),… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

It may be the most famous riddle of them all: “What being, with only one voice, has sometimes two feet, sometimes three, sometimes four, and is weakest when it has the most?” Celebrate the answer and the mystery of life with the Sphinx cocktail! Oedipus famously vanquished the Sphinx of legend with the answer to… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

St. Patrick’s Day on a Friday? The perfect time for a cocktail. And though it’s not green, a Black and Red cocktail is a quick and easy drink to serve up to toast the holiday (and the after 5:00pm hour). The Black and Red is a variation of a Manhattan with the key difference being… Read More ›

Gone with the Wind Cocktails

Let’s start of the month of February with a quartet of drinks that will be perfect to enjoy around Valentine’s Day! Try a Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler, Melanie Hamilton or Ashley Wilkes! That’s right each of the four main characters of Margaret Mitchell’s classic 1936 novel (or its 1939 movie adaptation) Gone With the Wind… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

Resurrect your spirits and celebrate a new year, new life with a Reincarnation cocktail! Do you remember your past life? How about the Bridey Murphy craze? In 1952, hypnotist Morey Bernstein put seemingly ordinary American housewife Virginia Tighe (1923-1995) in a trance. During a session of hypnotic regression, Tighe recounted startling revelations of her past… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail

Celebrate the end of hectic holidays, wintry nights and days, or take a chill with a Winter White Cosmo. This cocktail has been available seasonally on Bonefish Grill’s specialty drink list for a few years now. It’s a variation of a traditional Cosmopolitan with a few twists, namely white cranberry juice and St. Germain, a… Read More ›

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