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Hosting a Murder Mystery

In less than 30 days, I’ll be hosting my 12th murder mystery evening at the library where I work.

These fun events allow mystery lovers to play suspects or innocent bystanders as they attempt to solve an unique mystery designed by yours truly.

Generally, I host about four of these mystery events a year.  In March, it’ll be time for The Ides of March.  Set in Ancient Roman times, I issued the basic premise as follows:

Strange omens have the citizens of Rome concerned.  What do these signs portend?  In the golden age of the Roman Empire, a murderer will desecrate the sanctity of a temple, and the crime will have political ramifications.

This one is an original story.  Some of my other events have been based on novels I’ve written or have “in progress.”  It’s been a great way to test out plots.  Or, in the case of The Ides of March, an opportunity to create new plots.

The Ides of March is only the second mystery event I’ve hosted that is not contemporary.  Last year, I did one set in Medieval times.

Generally, I start with an idea.  When and where should the crime take place.  Who the potential suspects/characters should be.  How will the murder be committed and so forth.

I’ll be posting more about some of the murder mysteries I’ve hosted and how to create your own.  Stay tuned…

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  1. I have been asked to host a murder mystery at our community clubhouse on the Ides of March. I love the idea of putting our “actors” in togas. Is your mystery available to the public?


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