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Starship Traveller

Have you ever dreamed about exploring the furthest reaches of space? Fantasized about what it would be like to travel on a space ship like the one in Star Trek or to pilot one like those in Star Wars? What about being the captain of your very own ship? In this choose-your-own-adventure, a 344-page game… Read More ›

Hosting a Murder Mystery IV

Setting the Scene. In 2008, I hosted two murder mystery parties. I talked about them a bit in my last post, Hosting a Murder Mystery III. Since then, I’ve planned and plotted three to four a year, often tapping my existing novels or stories as the basis of the game. What better way to test… Read More ›

Hosting a Murder Mystery III

Revisiting and refining themes. Have you ever hosted a murder mystery party?  It can be a lot of fun.  The idea of hosting one certainly appealed to me, having participated in a few over the years.  As a mystery writer, I particularly liked the idea of crafting an original mystery rather than using an out-of-the-box… Read More ›

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

“You may leave the village along one of two paths.  One leads up into the hills…The other takes a downhill route…turn to page # to follow your path.” In the 1980s, Choose Your Own Adventures with their second-person point of view engaged thousands of young kids—and me—with a wide variety of mystery, fantasy, and scifi adventures. … Read More ›

Murder Abroad

Aboard a night train to Trondheim, Norway, international travelers discover a murder in their midst.  These strangers on a train have no connection to the victim or each other, or do they? This is the theme of my next murder mystery event, Murder Abroad, which I’m hosting at the library where I work.  It ties… Read More ›

Murder in Masquerade

Don’t you just love that title?  I’m sure it’s been used before…several times, but for my second murder mystery evening, it was perfect! In October of 2008, about 20 people were encouraged to come in costume to solve a murder.  Guests came dressed in a tuxedo, in a red velvet cape, in clown outfits, and… Read More ›

Innocent Bystander

The innocent bystander didn’t do it.  Well, at least not yet. As I’ve mentioned previously, in creating murder mystery evenings, I’ve had to anticipate the number of attendees.  There’s always the chance someone (or two) can’t make it.  Thus, the Innocent Bystander. I’d say the average attendance at my murder mystery events is about 20. … Read More ›

Hosting a Murder Mystery II

Shortly after moving to our new location in 2008, I hosted my first ever murder mystery party at the library where I work.  The event was held on Friday evening after the library was closed, and I designed an original murder mystery plot that participants could solve. For this first event, I had sixteen library patrons… Read More ›

Hosting a Murder Mystery

In less than 30 days, I’ll be hosting my 12th murder mystery evening at the library where I work. These fun events allow mystery lovers to play suspects or innocent bystanders as they attempt to solve an unique mystery designed by yours truly. Generally, I host about four of these mystery events a year.  In… Read More ›

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