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Meet Edith Baxter

“At first glance, Edith Baxter seemed a tiny, fragile septuagenarian with slightly stooped shoulders.  Wrinkles lined her pink complexion, and wisps of white dominated the auburn strands of her hair like clouds on a sunny day.  However, these signs of age could not mask the vitality in her sky‑blue eyes.” Edith Baxter, née Pontmercy, married… Read More ›

Character vs. Plot II

I’m outnumbered! The Poisoned Martini‘s first poll asked the question: which do you prefer…character-driven or plot-driven mysteries?  The results were 70% vs. 30%.  Yours truly prefers puzzle plots to solve in mysteries, but the majority of respondents want character-driven stories. I previously discussed this topic here.  A quick recap: my experience has been that recent mysteries—while… Read More ›

Character vs. Plot

It is the quandary of mystery writing.  Which is more important to readers–and writers–of mysteries?  The Character-driven story or the Plot-driven one? This is not to say that character-driven stories don’t feature a strong puzzle plot or plot-driven stories can’t have good characterizations.  Generally though, most mysteries fall to one side or the other. For example… Agatha… Read More ›

Meet Rick Gray

Jonah Richard Gray II is the eldest of Thaddeus Alcott’s grandsons.  Better known as Rick, this handsome twenty-two year old is passionate about photography, classic cinema, and martinis.  He has thick brown hair and blue-green eyes and has a lean, athletic build. Rick first appears in Murder at the Gardens, the third novel in my Mysteries… Read More ›

Meet Thaddeus Alcott

He is a lion of a man with a shock of white hair and piercing blue eyes.  Thaddeus Alcott, 64, is a lawyer and businessman originally from Rutland, Vermont.  A partner in the law firm of Alcott, Simms & Wilcox, Thaddeus is thinking of retirement, but he frets about his legacy. A year ago, his… Read More ›

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