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Meet Rick Gray

Jonah Richard Gray II is the eldest of Thaddeus Alcott’s grandsons.  Better known as Rick, this handsome twenty-two year old is passionate about photography, classic cinema, and martinis.  He has thick brown hair and blue-green eyes and has a lean, athletic build.

Rick first appears in Murder at the Gardens, the third novel in my Mysteries of Syracuse series.  The Poisoned Martini, the original e-Story that will soon make its debut on this site, is set shortly after the conclusion of Murder at the Gardens.

Rick leads a somewhat tumultuous life in the Mysteries of Syracuse.  A glimpse of which readers will encounter in The Poisoned Martini.

Having just graduated from Syracuse University, he finds himself at a loss.  What to do with the rest of his life?  A prospective job offer, one connected to his love of photography, has fallen through.  He dreads going back to Rochester and a domineering father who would have him join the family business.  So what is left for him in Syracuse…?

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