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Meet Thaddeus Alcott

He is a lion of a man with a shock of white hair and piercing blue eyes.  Thaddeus Alcott, 64, is a lawyer and businessman originally from Rutland, Vermont.  A partner in the law firm of Alcott, Simms & Wilcox, Thaddeus is thinking of retirement, but he frets about his legacy.

A year ago, his thirteen year-old grandson was orphaned when his son Kit and daughter-in-law Isabelle inexplicably disappeared.  Since then, Thaddeus has been mentoring the boy.  However, he worries about what effect the loss of his parents will have on his grandson who has few living relatives.

Though he is mentioned in prior novels, Thaddeus is scheduled to make his official debut in The Salt City, a collection of stories set in Syracuse, circa 1987.  I have plans to use Thaddeus as one of my staple of detectives.  In fact, he will be appearing in this site’s original story, The Poisoned Martini, but will he end up solving the mystery?   Stay tuned…

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