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First Book Launch

Today, I fulfilled a long held dream, publishing my first murder mystery novel! Published through Soul Mate Publishing and now available as an ebook on, Death on Stoneridge is set in Syracuse, New York, and is the first of a planned series.  Neighbors living on Stoneridge Drive are alarmed when a suicide and a… Read More ›

New Links

Recently I’ve added several new links to blogs and websites, and it’s about time I talk about them. In the Local Links section (scroll down to the blue banner below), I’ve added links to the Preservation Association of CNY and Syracuse Guru. The Preservation Association of CNY (PACNY) was founded in 1974.  They are “dedicated… Read More ›

Open Road Media & Mystery eBooks

The most depressing thing about managing a book collection is weeding.  It might seems like an easy decision to get rid of a book you’ve read, but invariably, doesn’t it always seem like you want or need to refer back to that book only to find out you don’t have it anymore? Many bibliophiles, like… Read More ›

A Cover Revealed

An author dreams of what the cover of their first book would look like.  We’ve written the story and sent it out for a hopeful response; all the while, in the back of our minds, envisioning what our cover could look like.  Would it be a scene from the story?  An abstract collage suggestive of… Read More ›

New Design

No need to adjust your monitor!  The Poisoned Martini has undergone a renovation. With so many advances in web design—even in just the few years since launching this site—it seemed time to take advantage of the possibilities and the flexibility these designs might offer.  Selecting a new theme, however, proved a daunting task with so… Read More ›

A Mystery is Announced

I am excited to announce that—after several drafts, revisions, rejections, and more revisions—my first murder mystery novel, Death on Stoneridge, will be published this summer. Imagine, if you will, a balmy night.  A soft breeze blows in through the open window, as you settle down to go to sleep… All of sudden, you hear raised… Read More ›

25,000 Hits!

Earlier today, The Poisoned Martini achieved a milestone … 25,000 hits! So what were the popular posts of the day leading up to this achievement?  Info about a cozy mystery site; reviews of two movies, Murder on the Blackboard and Topper Returns; a Friday cocktail, the Green Dragon; and trolls. In light of this milestone achievement, I would… Read More ›

Subscription to Murder?

Here’s something new in the arena of epublishing.  Can’t get enough of your favorite authors?  Try a subscription. ePublisher Stark Raving Group has launched Bookxy, offering the opportunity to read “novellas written by some of today’s most popular authors” in the mystery, crime fiction, action-adventure and thriller genres.  The tagline on the Bookxy site reads… Read More ›

The Poisoned Martini +

The Poisoned Martini is expanding! That’s right.  Now, there’s The Poisoned Martini+.  In addition to a feed of The Poisoned Martini‘s posts, this companion site also includes more frequent updates with photos, quotes, links, and more!  The idea is to create a more visual experience and less focus on text.  With the new site, using Tumblr,… Read More ›

Murder is Everywhere

Here’s a new blog to keep tabs on, Murder is Everywhere. Begun in November 2009, Murder is Everywhere features the voices of seven mystery authors from around the globe.  They include Cara Black (the Aimee Leduc Investigation series set in France); Lisa Brackman (with novels set in Mexico and China); Leighton Gage (following the investigations… Read More ›

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