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A Cover Revealed

The moment I saw my first mystery novel’s cover—and as the publication of my first book neared—I began envisioning what the cover of my second novel could be.

The first book with its stylish black-and-white image set a classic traditional mystery tone for the series. I liked the idea of featuring the victim on the cover because it lends itself to adding that spot of eye-catching color that draws one’s attention. Maintaining this branding would be important for consistency.

It’s not often that authors have input as to what their cover art will be, but I’ve been lucky to be able to provide a concept for the graphic artist. So what description of the scene did I send along this time?

{This scene takes place at night.}

Just on the edge of the lit area, the body rested on the lawn, wet with night’s dew. He lay as though he were merely sleeping on the grass. His hair was damp. His eyes closed. The barefooted boy might have looked peaceful lying there. Only two things stood out to the contrary. The stain of blood—stark against the white of his T-shirt—that had bloomed outward from the center of his chest and had trickled down the side of his torso. And the hand that rested on his chest as if clutching the arrow that protruded from it.

Once again, the essentials of the scene are captured brilliantly, and I couldn’t be happier with the result…


Credit: Leah Kaye Suttle, artist; Soul Mate Publishing.


Originally, I had provided a thumbnail sketch of the character, but since his face isn’t shown, that wasn’t needed. And honestly, I think it’s more effective that we don’t see his face. Readers conjure up their own idea of what the characters look like, and their “vision” might not jive with who they see cast in the role.

I was thrilled when I first saw the concept for this book, and I’m so pleased to be sharing it with you today.

Death at Danforth House is scheduled for release in May 2016. Stay tuned for more details about the second book in the Syracuse Mystery series. And be sure to check out book one, Death on Stoneridge, to find out how it all began.


So what do you think of this cover, and how does it compare to some of your favorite books?

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2 Responses

  1. What a great cover Brian! Compelling in black and white, and of course, that alarming red blood dripping down the body sucks the viewer in.
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami

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