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Death on Stoneridge

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April 1987.

Book One in The Syracuse Mysteries…


What she heard…

Crime is escalating on quiet, suburban Stoneridge Drive.  It began with an apparent suicide, followed by a rash of burglaries.  Then, on the night of a Neighborhood Watch meeting, shots ring out.  Or have they?

Edith Baxter knows what she heard, but after twenty-five years, she’s leaving Stoneridge Drive.  She’s gifted her home to her newlywed grandson, who just happens to be a police officer.  She convinces him to look into what she heard.

At first, Tim Dewitt’s unofficial investigation doesn’t yield much. Possibly a young college student, Lisa Collins, has disappeared.  She was overheard arguing with someone.  No body has turned up, however. Tim’s left wondering how Lisa could afford a house.  But when a neighbor with a grudge against Lisa turns up dead, Tim knows what his grandmother heard was murder.


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