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Ever wondered more about the publishing of mystery novels?  Here’s a blog—the latest to be added to my links below—that takes some of the mystery out of mystery publishing: Mysterious Matters: Mystery Publishing Demystified.

Mysterious Matters “is designed to educate and entertain both writers and readers of mystery and suspense novels with tips, comments, and the inside story of the mystery publishing business.

This site is of interest for both writers and readers.  Some recent posts ask both sides of the mystery reading experience just what publishers can do to improve.  Some sample and applaudible suggestions include: lobbying the media to give books more visibility and stop basing decisions based on the “popular now” model.

The most recent post is particularly of interest for writers, encouraging them to become the best editors of their work they can be.  Check it out here.

Readers on the other hand, may find the recent post about Goodreads of interest.  Asking the question of whether the book review site is overrated, the post reminds us that all reviews require a level of discernment.  Check it out here.

The blog is written anonymously, giving it an honest voice that is free to tell it like it is.  It makes for interesting and thoughtful reading.

Be sure to check out the site here.

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