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From the Co-author of The Agatha Christie Companion

Recently, The Poisoned Martini received a letter…

Dear Brian Abbott,

I am Len Lovallo, the co-author of the Christie Companion.

This afternoon, I was on Google and happened to click on Image for myself–for no particular reason other than I had never done it before–and saw the photo of the Agatha Christie Companion –“well used”,  and I clicked on the photo.

To my surprise, I saw your wonderful review of my book on The Poisoned Martini and was absolutely thrilled and thankful.  It took me back to the time when my co-author Dennis Sanders and I were writing and researching this book.  Actually, I spent three years researching facts, writing letters to individuals connected to Christie, spending many many hours at the New York Public Library on 5th Ave and 42nd Street looking at all the first editions of the American and English editions of all the Christie book; and researching any other information and facts that I could find relating to Christie.  It was quite an undertaking.  After reading your commetns, I realized it was worth all the time and effort.

Co-author Dennis Sanders passed away last year. We had many exciting and nerve racking experiences getting this book published, especially with the Christie Estate and with her Grandson Matthew and Daughter Rosalind.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about maybe it was worth my time to see if the book can be revised.  Thank you for suggesting this in your review–you have given me the spark and motivation I needed to follow thru.

If you ever feel you would like to discuss this book further; how it came about to be written, or discuss Christie, please contact me.  If you would like to share this letter with anyone, you may.

I love the title of your web site The Poisoned Martini–as a Martini lover , it hit a home run with me.  I will continue to follow your articles and comments.  It is a great and entertaining site and I read many other articles today.  Glad I found it.

Thank you again, you made it all worth while.


Len Lovallo

In responding to Mr. Lovallo’s letter, I asked about his offer to discuss Agatha Christie’s work and his book further and he has graciously agreed to an interview.  The results of the interview will of course appear here on The Poisoned Martini.  So stay tuned…

This letter refers to my post about The Agatha Christie Companion volume; view it here.

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