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Second Book Launch

1 June 2016

Today, I get to officially say, “I’m not a one book wonder!” It’s always been a life-long dream to be a published author, and now that becomes doubly true. Published through Soul Mate Publishing and now available as an ebook on, Death at Danforth House is set in Syracuse, New York, and is the… Read More ›

First Book Launch

Today, I fulfilled a long held dream, publishing my first murder mystery novel! Published through Soul Mate Publishing and now available as an ebook on, Death on Stoneridge is set in Syracuse, New York, and is the first of a planned series.  Neighbors living on Stoneridge Drive are alarmed when a suicide and a… Read More ›

Wicked Syracuse

Every city has its secrets… “Like any city, Syracuse holds secrets.  Some secrets are simply things that don’t get said, but others are juicy–the stuff scandals, soap operas and miniseries are made of.  If stalwart heroes made Syracuse a vibrant, growing city, so too did the miscreants that dot the city’s history.” Reading like the… Read More ›

Dark Horse

Nicky ‘Nick’ Rigopoulos finds himself a dark horse in a race to solve a frame up—his own. Nick’s day starts off well enough. He’s in a courtroom handling a personal injury case. “None of his cases went to trial anymore. That was the way he liked it—no risk. Just put your John Hancock right there… Read More ›

A New Page

Check out the new page on The Poisoned Martini! For a long time, I’ve been meaning to add a page about Syracuse, NY, my hometown and the setting for much of my writing.  The page will complement the local links I’ve previously included at the bottom of the page. This new feature is meant to give… Read More ›


“Victims exist in another dimension, as far as I’m concerned–they’re theoretical.  The police meet the victims; we work in an office.  I wouldn’t have become a print examiner if I wanted to meet victims.” Lena Dawson, a fingerprint examiner at a crime lab in Syracuse, New York, arrives at work and encoutners Erin Cogan.  Erin’s… Read More ›

Friday Cocktail Original

This week’s Friday Cocktail features an original creation honoring my hometown, a Syracuse Cocktail. Invented in 2012, this sweet cocktail is perfect for toasting the Salt City or celebrating our college team’s successes. What you’ll need: Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), Orange Juice, Grenadine, and Sugar. Lightly coat your cocktail glass with lemon… Read More ›

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