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Writing Challenge 64

The house on the hill, in the woods, set apart at the edge of town. What secrets (or horrors) are to be discovered within?

It’s familiar trope, but one that’s endlessly fascinating. Our curiosities are piqued by who might live there and what stories they’ve lived. It is often a key setting/location in any story. Knowing the layout of any structure makes it that much easy to write about it and feel more alive in one’s story.

So will this house inspire your next work? Or is there another manse that intrigues you? What will you write?

Each month, The Poisoned Martini presents a photo to spark your creativity. Because of their visual nature, images vividly speak to writers and spark ideas for writing.  View the photo above, ponder what you see, and then put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.  Write a scene, a short story, a chapter, a novella, or maybe even a novel.

The last writing challenge featured a bronze statue of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, travel, and thieves, among other things.  The photo was taken in August 2005 at the Louvre Museum in Paris where the statue, created by Italian sculptor Giambologna, is on display.

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