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Writing Challenge 24

The first of two writing challenges this month!

To spark your creativity, The Poisoned Martini features monthly images to get you started.  Such images, because of their visual nature, vividly speak to writers and spark ideas for writing.  The idea is to view the image below and to write a scene, a short story, a chapter, a novella, or maybe even a novel.

Last month’s lone image is an excellent example of Pacific Northwest totem poles.  The photo was taken at the Sitka National Historical Park in Sitka, Alaska.  This Tlingit totem pole stands sentinel at the start of a scenic coastal trail through hemlock and spruce trees.  View the image here.

For this month’s challenge, The Poisoned Martini presents something fantastical.  Is it a winter knight?  A hero or villain?  What will you be inspired to write?

Winter Knight

Happy Writing!

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