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Writing Challenge 20

This month’s writing challenge offers up two images to spur your writing!

To spark your creativity, The Poisoned Martini features monthly images to get you started.  Such images, because of their visual nature, vividly speak to writers and spark ideas for writing.  The idea is to view the images below and to write a scene, a short story, a chapter, a novella, or maybe even a novel.

Last month’s image is certainly a curiosity.  The church ruin, known as ‘Krokhino’, marks the border between the White Lake and the Sheksna River in Russia.  With the creation of the Volga-Baltic Waterway, a dam constructed on the Sheksna River raised the water level of the lake nearly six feet.  Thus the nearly submerged church was abandoned.  View the image here.

For this month’s images, the subject turns to cuisine.  Food may evoke strong emotions, memories, and cravings.  What might these two dining presentations suggest?

Happy Writing!

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    I’m sure if I try hard enough I can come up with a story!


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