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Friday Cocktail

Lavender Pear Martini

Lavender Pear Martini

This Friday, try the unique Lavender Pear Cocktail!

This drink has been on the menu at Ruby Tuesday’s for at least two years.  The menu description calls for “Absolut Pears Vodka combined with the fresh taste of juicy, ripe pear, then infused with lavender.”  As an ingredient, lavender might be hard to come by, but the taste is worth it.

Try this approximation of the recipe:

What you’ll need:  Vodka, Pear Nectar, and Lavender (or Lavender tea)

In a shaker over cracked ice, pour 3 ounces of pear nectar and 2 ounces of vodka.  Shake and then strain into your cocktail glass.  Serve up with tea bag of lavender tea.  Steep the lavender to suit your taste.

How I like it:  I don’t steep the lavender too long, preferring a light purple color.  In lieu of pear nectar or juice, a fresh (or canned) pear may be blended, juiced or puréed to create the “nectar”, but you may need to add a little pear juice or water so it’s not too thick.

Drink responsibly!

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