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Friday Cocktail

Cafe Royale

Cafe Royale

Perk yourself up with this Friday’s cocktail, a Café Royale!

Coffee with a little fortitude added has long been part of the cocktail scene.  There are a variety of coffee with liqueur drinks out there, but this one is a personal favorite.

The how-to of this recipe varies.  Some call for floating the brandy (about 2 teaspoons) on top of the coffee.  Others put the brandy in the spoon.  Some put the sugar into the coffee and just ignite the brandy, and many suggest finishing off your café royale with a garnish of whip cream.  Consider these variations as you follow the instructions below, which come from the 1964 edition of the Old Mr. Boston De Luxe Official Bartender’s Guide.

What you’ll need:  Coffee, Brandy, and Sugar

Perk up a pot of your favorite coffee.  Once ready, pour the coffee into your mug.  Place a tablespoon over it.  Soak a cube of sugar in brandy and place on your spoon.  Light it with a match and hold spoon until the flame goes out.  Dunk the spoon’s contents in your coffee and stir.  Then serve!

How I like it:  For me, it’s not about one lump or two.  I have granulated sugar on hand, not cubes.  So I filled my spoon with brandy and a teaspoon of sugar.  Though a café royale is typically served black, I just can’t bring myself to drink it without a little cream.  That’s just how I like my coffee.

Stay warm and drink responsibly!

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