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Friday Cocktail

Fifth Avenue cocktails

Fifth Avenue cocktails

A major thoroughfare in Manhattan where shoppers descend this time of year–to pick out their holiday gifts and see all the decorations–inspires this Friday’s cocktail, the Fifth Avenue.

This classic cocktail has been around for quite some time, dating back at least to the early 1960s.  Making it might be a challenge though, depending on how you like it.

What you’ll need:  Crème de Cacao, Apricot Brandy, and Sweet Cream.

Ideally, pour equal portions (an ounce each) of each ingredient in a Pousse-café glass, floating each ingredient on the previous one.  Start with the Crème de Cacao, then the Apricot Brandy, and finish with the cream.  To layer, it’s recommended to gently pour the second and third ingredients over the back of a spoon into your glass.

Alternatively, add all the ingredients to a shaker over cracked ice.  Shake and then strain into your glass of choice.  Less hassle and just as enjoyable.

How I like it:  Pousse-café-style cocktails are nice, but it’s not always so easy to layer ingredients (as evidenced by the above photo).  The suggested order of adding ingredients (above) was taken from the 1964 edition of the Old Mr. Boston De Luxe Official Bartender’s Guide.  Online I’ve seen the order switched to brandy first, then the crème de cacao (dark), and then cream (using half and half).  Funny, when I tried it, the cream sank to the bottom, and the Apricot Brandy seemed to rise to the top!  So as for how I like it … shake it up and serve!

This is a pleasant, sweet and flavorful drink well suited to serving up for the holidays.

Drink responsibly!

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