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Open to readers, writers, critics, editors, and publishers, the Mystery Readers International is a site for everyone who loves mysteries.

You may have heard of the Macavity Awards.  Well, this is the organization behind them.  “Macavity’s a Mystery Cat: he’s called the Hidden Paw—”  Yes, the awards are named after the T. S. Eliot poem from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.  The Macavitys are given out each year (since 1987) to the top mysteries in four categories, as voted by the members of Mystery Readers International.   Check out the 2011 and past winners here.

Mystery Readers International (MRI) also puts out a Mystery Reader Journal, a quarterly publication containting articles, reviews, and author essays on mystery themes.  How interesting that the currently featured issue (available for PDF download) features “Mysteries Set in France”…

Looking to read a mystery related to Mother’s Day?  Cinco de Mayo?  or the Kentucky Derby?  A list of titles is currently available.  There’s also pages with information on Reader’s Groups, Mystery Periodicals, and more.

Mystery Readers International was started by Janet A. Rudolph some 25 years ago.  There’s also a link to her personal blog, Mystery Fanfare.

To check out the site, click here or below in the my Links list!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Mystery Readers Journal. Love your blog!

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