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First Post…Elsewhere

I first attempted blogging in 2009 at Crimespace.  I’d discovered this social network “ning” site as a place for readers and writers of crime fiction and thought it a perfect place to have a presence.  So I joined in February and posted the following on 23 February 2009:

It’s Oscar night!

I have to wonder. When was the last time a classic murder mystery was filmed for the silver screen? Everything else has made a comeback…westerns, musicals, etc. So isn’t it time for the classic whodunit to make a roaring return? Time will tell. No doubt I’ll watch the Oscars tonight, but I’m hoping to write. It’s been too long since I’ve worked on much of anything other than my first novel. Soon it will be time to resubmit, but I’m having someone give it a read through first. In the meantime, I’m hoping to move on with revising novel two and finishing off number three. I feel so behind! I’d hoped to be much further along in my mystery series by now. Does anyone else have trouble juggling reading, writing, watching movies, life? It’s not like I don’t have time. I just spend too much of it playing Sims2 or mindlessly surfing the web or watching TV. At least it’s only February! It’s not too late to keep my New Year’s resolution of writing, writing, writing. And see, even this blog is in keeping with that! Well, I see the red carpet is in full swing. That means it’s time to watch the Oscars…I mean write. Until next time…
– B.

With the Oscars once again upon us this very night and with Blog Week III coming to an end, I thought it the perfect time to revisit this two year old post.  Sadly, it seems not much has changed.  I’ve switched to playing Sims3 (and Skyrim), and murder mysteries still haven’t made that cinematic comeback.  However, I have worked on and completed some new material since then.  Not as much as I’d hoped and publication still awaits…

Still, most importanly—through WordPress—I’ve discovered the means to producing a better and more consistent blog.  I think my Crimepace version saw all of three posts!  Though I did update in mid-2011 briefly.  If I can ever find the time, I should become more involved in that site (listed in my links below), which is still going strong.

In the meantime, I’m once again reminded of my perpetual New Year’s resolution to write, write, write…

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