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Celebrating One Year

Colorful streamers, party hats, and a lone candle on a slice of cake.  A celebration gone wild or something more sinister?

Hurrah!  November 14 is The Poisoned Martini‘s birthday!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been one full year of blogging already.  Thank you to everyone who’s stopped by the site for a visit or two or a longer stay to see what develops.  Look forward to seeing The Poisoned Martini continue to grow.

Now for all you writer’s out there…here’s a challenge:  let the picture at left inspire you and write a piece of flash fiction, a short story, or even a full-length novel.  What events led up to this photo?  What might have occurred after?  Did the suggested party culminate in the solution of a crime or the beginning of one?  What will you write?  I’ll post my take soon.

Today also marks the beginning of The Poisoned Martini‘s second Blog Week.  So be sure to stop by for daily posts and more!

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  1. Do you mean for us to post our stories here? Or is this an independent exercise, Mr. Marley?


  2. I suppose I mean these writing challenges as an exercise to spur creativity. It would be cool if people posted if and/or how they were inspired to write a scene, story, chapter, etc., but they needn’t post them in their entirety here. Writers might prefer to post their stories on their own sites. Perhaps pointing to the source of their inspiration? I could see The Poisoned Martini possibly becoming an online magazine someday…but not yet.

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