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Type M for Murder

The newest addition to my blogroll is Type M for Murder.

Boasting an award as one of the 100 best online blogs for creative writing, a variety of authors give voice to this blog.  Presenting their perspective of the mystery genre and the writing process are Frankie Bailey, Rick Blechta, Donis Casey, John Corrigan, Barbara Fradkin, Hannah Dennison, Charlotte Hinger, and Aline Templeton.

The blog has been in existence since 2006, but I’ve only recently come across it.  Recent posts have focused on publicity and promotion, which is of particular interest to me.  So much of the marketing in today’s publishing industry falls to the author in getting their voice heard. 

In another recent post of note, John Corrigan wrote about the “Death of the Paperback.”  Though it’s true ebook sales are on the rise, I don’t agree that ebooks are priced so competitively versus paperbacks.  As a purchaser for ebooks for the library I work for, I find most ebooks–for which a paperback is available–equal in price to the paperback.  eBooks of recent hardcover releases, however, are often around $12.99.  Read the post here and see what you think.

Check out the blog here.

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