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What’s so special about 1987? I first began writing stories and skits in the fourth grade.  I mostly wrote based on the people and places I knew.  By the seventh grade, my stories began to take on aspects of continuing characters and mystery elements.  I believe Death on Stoneridge, in its first form, was drafted… Read More ›

Syracuse Mysteries – A First Look

Here’s a teaser for the first three novels in my Syracuse Mysteries series. In Death on Stoneridge, a series of burglaries and a suicide have plagued the residents of Stoneridge Drive.  Then, late one night, Edith Baxter is reading in bed with her window open.  She is starting to drift off when she suddenly hears someone… Read More ›

Death on Stoneridge – Prologue

Here’s a first look at the prologue for my very first novel in The Mysteries of Syracuse series, Death on Stoneridge : *** Her life ebbed, but the ending of her life was the beginning. Who was she?  This young wife with dreams of motherhood, of growing old with her husband, lay against the cold porcelain of… Read More ›

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