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Syracuse Mysteries – A First Look

Here’s a teaser for the first three novels in my Syracuse Mysteries series.

In Death on Stoneridge, a series of burglaries and a suicide have plagued the residents of Stoneridge Drive.  Then, late one night, Edith Baxter is reading in bed with her window open.  She is starting to drift off when she suddenly hears someone cry out for help!  She hears two sounds like gunshots.  A car door slams, and its engine roars to life.  Then that car races up the street, passing her house.  What has she just heard?  What should she do?

Has there been another burglary on Stoneridge?  Or worse, has someone been murdered?  Will Edith investigate?  Or will she tell her grandson, Tim Dewitt, who is a police officer?

Find out in Death on Stoneridge, the first novel in the Syracuse Mystery series!

The Syracuse Mysteries are set in and around Syracuse, New York, and introduce readers to the Dewitt and Stuart families, their friends, neighbors, and adversaries.  Each novel presents a mystery that is resolved by the story’s end; however, subplots and storyline arcs are introduced to intrigue readers and carry them through the series.  Here are just a few examples:

In Novel Two, Death at Danforth House, Dr. Roland Kittridge reflects on his long life and the choices he has made.  Some weigh heavily on his soul, and he longs to set things right.  Should he reveal his adopted grandson’s true parentage?  Dare he admit to covering up the murder of a grifter during World War II?  The revelation of this crime would have grave implications for the Dewitt family.  Or should he take all his many secrets with him to the grave?

Novel Three, Murder at the Gardens, introduces readers to Quinton Quartier.  This self-made businessman has carved a place in the sun for himself.  As a child, raised by a single mother in New Orleans, he vowed to achieve greatness.  But what grudge does he have against the Dewitt family?  They have given him a place as the head of Dewitt Enterprises, which oversees the family’s department store chain and other business interests.  Why then does he hate them so much?

What other secrets does the city of Syracuse and its denizens hold?  Find out in The Syracuse Mysteries!

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