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The Ogham Society

It finally has a name. Creating the world in which your characters reside is an ongoing challenge.  What places and organizations are a part of their world?  Are they real or imagined? Ever since reading Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour (see post here), I’ve wanted to create a psychical research society for my own series. … Read More ›


Imagine waking up, alone, and not remembering who you are. “I was a killer.  I woke up knowing that before I knew anything else.”  Cal Leandros hasn’t forgotten everything, just the important parts of his life.  Who is he?  Does he have family?  Friends?  And, more importantly, why is the beach where he came to… Read More ›

Dog Days

Looking for something to read while waiting for the next Harry Dresden book?  John Levitt’s Dog Days series might suit. This urban fantasy series is set in present day San Francisco, a setting that is captured well in the story’s narrative.  Our hero here is Mason, a magic practitioner, who once served as a sort… Read More ›

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