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Discord’s Apple

Evie Walker’s father has long held a secret that she is aware of, but doesn’t understand.  In the storeroom beneath her family home in a small Colorado town, a myriad of objects lay waiting to be claimed or kept from falling into the wrong hands.  Glass slippers, a golden fleece, Excalibur… Now Evie’s father is… Read More ›

The Dreamer and the Moon

From the file of “Things Kept” comes the first serious poem I ever wrote.  In honor of April as National Poetry Month, and tonight’s Full Moon, I present… *** “The Dreamer and the Moon”   In Darkness I am alone. Wandering lost in the world of Night, I spy a lamppost beside a garden bench…. Read More ›

Mary Pope Osborne’s Greek Myths

Thousands of years old, Greek myths have been told and retold countless times and in countless ways, inspiring works of art, music, literature, and film.  Many of us first encounter these tales of wonder as children.  So it is no surprise that many authors—from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Bernard Evslin to the D’Aulaires—have presented collections of these… Read More ›

Blu-ray cover

Immortals (2011)

Greek mythology stirs the soul with gods bickering, heroes defeating monstrous beasts, and rich stories explaining the cosmos.  Perhaps as much myth has been lost to us as that which has survived to the present day.  With advances in CGI and other cinematic effects, more films have explored these fantasical stories.  Yet many stray from the… Read More ›

D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths

In Olden Times, when men still worshipped ugly idols, there lived in the land of Greeve a folk of shepherds and herdsmen who cherished light and beauty.  They did not worship dark idols like their neighbors, but created instead their own beautiful, radiant gods.”  So began one of my most treasured books from childhood. D’Aulaires’… Read More ›


A lyrical exploration of the Greek hero Achilles, this short novel by Elizabeth Cook reads like an epic poem. Just over a hundred pages in length, the story is told in three parts.  The first deals directly with Achilles and his exploits.  The second describes the aftermath of Achilles’ death and the fall of Troy.  Finally, the short… Read More ›

Odysseus on the Rhine

Book by Edward S. Louis Though not my favorite hero of legend, I was intrigued by the title of this book by Edward S. Louis. Odysseus on the Rhine imagines the further adventures of Odysseus and other veterans of the Trojan War in this solid, entertaining “sequel.”  Even those not familiar with their mythology will find… Read More ›

The Lost Hero

I am fanatic about Greek Mythology.  I will read just about anything related to the gods, heroes, and monsters of Ancient Greece.  Periodically I search for new stories inspired by myth; that’s how I came across Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. What started off as a sort of Harry Potter knock-off using the Greek gods… Read More ›

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