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Catherine Coulter’s Insidious

Missy Devereaux had hoped to escape her stalker, but somehow he’d followed her to Vegas. Having had enough, Missy takes the fight to him and chases John ‘Blinker’ Bayley down, confronting him in a casino parking lot with an able assist from a security guard. Later, jewel thief Marty Sallas has tracked down Molly Harbinger,… Read More ›

It’s a Wonderful Knife

“It’s a wonderful time of year”… until murder strikes in the latest Comfort Food Mystery. But first it’s off to the hospital for Trixie Matkowski after a tumble down the stairs. Taking her there is, Trixie’s BFF, Antoinette Chloe Brown, who drives “like the road is a giant pinball machine.” Unfortunately, Trixie has broken her… Read More ›

The Four Just Men

A most unusual crime novel begins at the Cafe of the Nations on the High Street of Cadiz, where four men sat about one table and talked business. “Leon Gonsalez was one, Poiccart was another, George Manfred was a notable third, and one, Thery, or Saimont, was the fourth.” Of these the narrator notes that Thery… Read More ›

By Its Cover: Hostile Witness

Photographic covers, especially stunning ones of familiar places, attract attention. There’s something about a photograph that makes one wonder more about what is seen. Here we have a nighttime view of Washington, D.C. The lone figure of a woman in the foreground looks toward familiar monuments of the city. The lit landmarks, the light reflected… Read More ›

By Its Cover: Code Grey

Pets, particularly cats, often feature in mystery stories. This one’s a bit unusual in that it features a ghost cat. Mr. Grey was/is the name of Dulcie Schwartz’s late cat, and befittingly serves as the eponymous “grey” of the titles in the series. Presumably—although looking more corporeal—Mr. Grey is the cat on the cover who… Read More ›

By Its Cover: Tea with Jam and Dread

It’s scrumptious! What better way to market a culinary mystery than with something delectable on the cover? Perfectly tying into the title, tea and jam are served up on a plate. The jam—is it raspberry, strawberry?—on toast looks absolutely mouth-watering. But what’s this? Is that jam or specks of blood at the edge of the… Read More ›

A Cover Revealed

The moment I saw my first mystery novel’s cover—and as the publication of my first book neared—I began envisioning what the cover of my second novel could be. The first book with its stylish black-and-white image set a classic traditional mystery tone for the series. I liked the idea of featuring the victim on the… Read More ›

Well-Offed in Vermont

How shall I put this? I wanted to like this book—and to some extent I did—but ultimately I found it disappointing. Well-Offed in Vermont begins with Stella and Nick Buckley moving from NYC to Vermont. They’re just arriving at their new home, an 1890 farmhouse in need of a few home repairs, including the installation… Read More ›

By Its Cover: Murder in Bollywood

After spotting this mystery novel’s cover, I read the book blurb: ” ‘Someone at this table has killed before, and someone at this table will kill again.’ Nikhil Kapoor, Bollywood’s biggest film director, made this shocking proclamation to his friends one night. Sameer Ali Khan, Bollywood’s badshah, seethed with rage. Nyra Oberoi, filmdom’s queen-in-waiting, turned… Read More ›

Starship Traveller

Have you ever dreamed about exploring the furthest reaches of space? Fantasized about what it would be like to travel on a space ship like the one in Star Trek or to pilot one like those in Star Wars? What about being the captain of your very own ship? In this choose-your-own-adventure, a 344-page game… Read More ›

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