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Friday Cocktail

Widow Maker

Widow Maker

Will you flirt with this Friday’s cocktail, the Widow Maker?

There’s not a lot of info about this drink’s pedigree; it appears to be a recent creation.  However, what sets this drink apart from others is its use of the herbal liqueur, Jägermeister.  A German digestif, Jägermeister–made from herbs and spices–blends with the coffee-flavored liqueur to create a unique, mellow flavor that will sneak up on you.

There’s two ways to make this drink.  One is as a martini.  The other is to serve it up as a shooter.

What you’ll need:   Jägermeister, Vodka, Kahlua, and Grenadine

Put a dash of grenadine directly into a martini glass.  In a shaker over cracked ice, pour in equal portions (1 ounce each) of  Jägermeister, Kahlua, and vodka.  Shake and then strain gently into your glass.  For the shooter version, reduce the portions to 1/2 ounce and a couple drops of grenadine.

How I like it:  As a martini rather than a shooter.  Also, go sparingly on the ice in your shaker or serve this one up at room temperature.  I think the flavors shine through more when not chilled.

Drink responsibly!

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