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It’s Cinco de Mayo!  If you’re a fan of tequila and martinis, try the Tequini Cocktail!

The Tequini is essentially a martini, using tequila instead of gin or vodka.  It’s been around at least since the early 1960s, as it is included in the 1964 edition of the Mr. Boston De Luxe Official Bartender’s Guide.  Traditionally, it’s seved up with a lemon peel and olive garnish, but really, shouldn’t every tequila-based cocktail have lime?  If you’re tired of margaritas—can you ever really be tired of them?—then give this classic a try and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

What you’ll need:  Tequila, Dry Vermouth, and Bitters

In a shaker over cracked ice, pour in an 1 1/2 of tequila and 1/2 ounce of dry vermouth.  Add in a dash of bitters.  Shake and then strain into a cocktail glass.  Optionally, serve up with a lime peel garnish.

How I like:  Though I used Jose Cuervo gold, the better choice is a white tequila, preferably with agave.  I also added a dash of lime juice which can be substituted for the bitters, which are considered optional to use.  You could use sweet vermouth for a sweeter flavor, but I prefer dry vermouth.  The Tequini is an excellent cocktail for enjoying the flavor of your favorite brand of tequila.

Vive!  Bebes con responsabilidad!

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