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The Poisoned Martini VII

It’s long past time for Part VII of The Poisoned Martini, an original eStory written by yours truly.

To protect his grandson, Thaddeus Alcott will investigate a murder…

Recent college grad Rick Gray met an intriguing and pretty co-ed who invited him to a party at her sorority.  The next morning, Rick woke up and discovered a young co-ed dead in the bed beside him.  He fled the scene and went to his grandfather’s house where he’s been staying since graduating college.

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At least two police cars, their lights pulsing red and blue, were parked in front of the sorority house when Thaddeus Alcott arrived just after nine o’clock.  Though graduation had been last weekend, Thaddeus noticed a few students were up early on Saturday morning and had gathered to gawk.

As he walked up to the police line, a young officer stepped forward, holding up his hand to halt him.

The Poisoned Martini VII


The story is set in Syracuse, New York, circa May 1987.  Read previous installments by clicking on the links below.

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Be sure to read past installments if you haven’t already and share your comments.

This e-Story is copyrighted material.  Please do not reproduce or use without prior permission from the author.

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