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Writing Challenge 10

A mysterious photo appears … Where has it come from?  What is it a photograph of?  When was it taken?

We’ve all seen them at one time or another.  A sepia-toned photograph of an earlier time that begs us to question what life was truly like then.  Some of us are lucky to have pictures like this in our family’s collection of memorabilia.  Others maybe wish for a deeper connection to their family’s own personal histories.  Then there are those stray photographs.  The ones used as bookmarks or tucked away in an antique only to be rediscovered and leaving the discoverer wondering…

October brings a real challenge for writers.  As a means to inspire continued writing, The Poisoned Martini is featuring an image to spur creativity.  The idea is to write a scene, a short story, a chapter, or maybe something more.

Last month’s photo of Epcot Center (see here) was perfect for those “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” stories.  This month, with the weather turning colder and annoucing fall’s arrival, attentions sometimes reflect on the past, and this image is sure to generate some interesting, historical tales…

Happy Writing!

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