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The Poisoned Martini – V

It’s time for Part V of The Poisoned Martini, an original eStory written by yours truly.  Have you been following this serialized eStory?

Recent college grad Rick Gray met an intriguing and pretty co-ed who invited him to a party at her sorority.  Jump forward to early the next morning, Rick wakes up and finds another young co-ed dead in the bed beside him.  Having fled the scene, what will he do next?

Be sure to click on the link below the teaser to read the full installment in .pdf format.


Shutting the front door behind him, Rick crept into the house on Willow Lane.  He paused at the foot of the stairs and listened.  It didn’t sound like anyone was up yet.  Thank God!  He looked down at the bloodstained shirt clutched in his hand.  Why hadn’t he gotten rid of it?  He had to get rid of it.  But how?

The Poisoned Martini V


The story is set in Syracuse, New York, circa May 1987.  Read previous installments by clicking on the links below.

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This e-Story is copyrighted material.  Please do not reproduce or use without prior permission from the author.

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