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I discovered the latest addition to my blogroll while searching for information about my March book discussion selection, Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann.

Begun in January 2008, this blog from Down Under features reviews of all sorts of mysteries.  Kerrie Smith, a self-admitted crime fiction addict, resides in Adelaide, South Australia, and she’s done an excellent job of not only reviewing mysteries—and rating them—but indexing those reviews as well.  Each review also features the LinkWithin widget, which gives readers a random selection of “You might also like” suggestions.  There’s even a section for “Breaking News” (along the right sidebar) related to the world of mysteries.

She’s also in the process of reading each Agatha Christie novel in order and then giving her take on them.  Something I’ve thougth of doing as well.  So far, she’s read 37 of the novels and 12 of the short stories.

Smith has read a vast number of authors.  So if you’re looking for an opinion about an author you’ve read, chances are you might find one on Mysteries in Paradise.  Check it out here.

Oh, and if you’re interested in her take on Three Bags Full, check out the review here.

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