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Little Blog No More?

I just learned that one of the blogs I periodically visit–and which I’ve featured in my blogroll below–has ceased publication.

The Little Blog of Murder featured Ohio writers Don Bruns, Casey Daniels, Amanda Flower, John and Toni , and Jeffrey Marks.  Some of these authors will still continue their own site or participate in other blogs.  Daniels, who announced the decision, added that she’ll continue to post at

It’s always sad when a blog shuts down, but I fully understand how time consuming it can be, especially for authors, when they’d rather be writing their books.  Still, new blogs appear and existing ones continue to carry the torch.

Currently, The Little Blog of Murder is still available for viewing past posts so I’ll leave the link up for now.  Eventually, it will come down, and I hope to add new sites of interest in future.

UPDATE:  The site is no longer available.

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