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A Year of Reading

52 weeks, 52 books.

No writer can live in a vacuum.  The things we see, hear, smell, taste, touch … all these experiences add to who we are and what we might create.  Watching a movie, reading a book … they can inspire our own writing, and we can learn from them.

Each year I try to read a book a week, or at least, 52 total for the year.  It doesn’t matter so much what books I read so long as I read something.  Generally, the average book I read is about 350 pages.  Yes, some are shorter than that, some longer.  By setting a goal, it pushes me to read, and sometimes I’ll end the year having read more than I set out to!

So stop by the library or bookstore, join a book discussion group in person or online, pick up a book and settle in for a year of reading!

Not sure what to read?  Try some of the books reviewed here on The Poisoned Martini.   If you’re a writer, like me, read books in the genre you write.  They can teach you as much about writing as any how-to guide.  And it’s always good to be familiar with your genre, what’s current, and what’s perennially popular.

And let’s face it … there’s just something eminently satisfying about finishing a book.  It becomes a part of us; another of our experiences that define us and maybe our writing, too.  And don’t they always say “reading keeps the mind sharp”?

So it’s time to get reading!  It’s already week one of 2012.  What will be the first book you read this year?

Looking for more ideas on what to read?  Want to know what others think?  Check out Goodreads for suggestions and more.

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