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The Poisoned Martini – Part III

Here’s the long overdue Part III of the serialized original eStory written by yours truly exclusively for this website.

Rick Gray and others will encounter the poisoned martini in this murder mystery set in Syracuse, New York, in 1987.  The police have recently solved the murders at the Syracuse Botanical Gardens.  Rick was a suspect in that case.  Now, drowning his sorrows at Alicia’s, Rick encounters a young college co-ed who will involve him in yet another murder.  Enter a young woman who has an agenda of her own.

Click on the link below to open up and read all of Part III in .pdf format.


Trish Riley really didn’t care what Rick’s story was, and half listened to him blathering on.  Still it was a useful ploy…

The Poisoned Martini III


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This e-Story is copyrighted material.  Please do not reproduce or use without prior permission from the author.

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