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The newest addition to my blogroll is InkSpot.

Alternatively known as Midnight Writers, this blog began in March 2007 and features a corps of crime fiction writers who publish with Midnight Ink Press.

The authors represented publish a varierty of mysteries ranging “from countryside cozies to big city thrillers, from traditionals and amateur sleuth novels to soft and medium-boiled tales of suspense.”  The authors rotate their contributions and discuss everything from writing to their daily lives to recommendations of movies or books they like or are inspired by.

The blog features 17 authors: Robin Allen, Lisa Bork, Jessie Chandler, Vicki Doudera, Beth Groundwater, Jennifer Harlow, Darrell James, Jess Lourey, Alice Loweecey, G. M. Malliet, Cricket McRae, Alan Orloff, Keith Raffel, Tom Schreck, Deborah Sharp, Sebastian Stuart, and Lois Winston.  Several have links to their own individual websites or blogs along the right column.

I find blogs like these useful for keeping up with what’s currently going on in the industry and with authors I might have read.  In fact, check out my review of one of G. M. Malliet’s books here.

Check out the blog here.

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