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The Poisoned Martini is all about mysteries with a mix of fantasy, myth, and gothic horror served up with a cocktail or two.  You’ll find the occasional fiction book featured, whether it be contemporary or classic, and especially if it has a Syracuse or Central New York connection.  This extends to other media formats like film and stage.   I’ll present my own thoughts on the genre and introduce new readers to characters and stories I have created.

At a young age, I discovered Agatha Christie and embarked on a love of mysteries.  It was only natural that I began plotting and writing my own murder mysteries.  I’ve spent several years plotting, crafting, developing, and writing the Mysteries of Syracuse series, which I hope to publish in the near future.

Here at The Poisoned Martini, explore the world of mysteries and more!  There’ll be lots to discover here, so stay tuned…

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