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Killer Theory: ABC’s Whodunnit

Really, it was only a matter of time before reality show contestants participated in a murder mystery-themed game.  Not surprisingly the ‘penalty’ for failing to solve the case is murder. In “Whodunnit?”, thirteen guests arrive at Rue Manor where they are greeted by Giles, the butler, and two creepy, silent maids.  When one of the… Read More ›

Castle 100

In its fifth season, Castle celebrates 100 episodes with an ode to Alfred Hitchcock.  The Rear Window inspired episode 5.19, “The Lives of Others”, (original air date: April 1, 2013) puts Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) in a wheelchair, poised to witness a murder. In Rear Window (1954), photographer L. B. ‘Jeff’ Jefferies (James Stewart) looked out his… Read More ›


Although imperfect, episode 4.14 “The Blue Butterfly” (original air date: February 6, 2012) will no doubt rank as a favorite episode of one of Castle, a series I’ve enjoyed immensely since its premiere in 2009. The TV Series, Castle, features the ongoing adventures of best-selling author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) as he shadows one NYPD precinct’s detectives… Read More ›

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