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Mary Pope Osborne’s Norse Myths

Much like Greek Mythology, the Norse myths have inspired grand operas, art, literature, and comic books.  This mythology of the Northern climes is primarily derived from the Icelandic Eddas, which date to the 13th century, though the lore is far older in origin.  These tales of gods and giants, dwarves and elves—light and dark—inspired the operas of… Read More ›

Mary Pope Osborne’s Greek Myths

Thousands of years old, Greek myths have been told and retold countless times and in countless ways, inspiring works of art, music, literature, and film.  Many of us first encounter these tales of wonder as children.  So it is no surprise that many authors—from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Bernard Evslin to the D’Aulaires—have presented collections of these… Read More ›

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