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Deleted Scenes

You’ve seen them.  Check out a DVD (or Blu-ray) film or TV series and more likely than not, there’s a deleted scene(s), commentaries by the director or cast, behind-the-scenes featurette(s) and more.  Why aren’t there such extra features in books? After writers pen their novel (or short story), revisions and edits may more often than… Read More ›

A Mystery is Announced

I am excited to announce that—after several drafts, revisions, rejections, and more revisions—my first murder mystery novel, Death on Stoneridge, will be published this summer. Imagine, if you will, a balmy night.  A soft breeze blows in through the open window, as you settle down to go to sleep… All of sudden, you hear raised… Read More ›

Death on Stoneridge – Prologue

Here’s a first look at the prologue for my very first novel in The Mysteries of Syracuse series, Death on Stoneridge : *** Her life ebbed, but the ending of her life was the beginning. Who was she?  This young wife with dreams of motherhood, of growing old with her husband, lay against the cold porcelain of… Read More ›

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