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Writing Challenge 38

This month’s challenge brings a quartet of images that may tell a story of a journey.

Each month, The Poisoned Martini presents a photo to spark your creativity.  Such images, because of their visual nature, vividly speak to writers and spark ideas for writing.  View the image below and write a scene, a short story, a chapter, a novella, or maybe even a novel.  Consider what the image means to you, what it reminds you of, or explore what it could be.  Ponder what you see and then put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

Last month, featured a holly berries.  The plant was located outside St. Peter’s, a reformed church built in 1706.  The church sits on Lindenhof hill, over a site where a temple to Jupiter once stood, in the old town part of Zürich, Switerland.  The photo was taken in August 2014. View the image here.

What journeys real or imagined might these images take you on?

Click to enlarge.

Happy Writing!

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