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Mysteries and cats are a purr-fect pairing.  In these tales, cats are watching.  Are they witnesses to murder, sleuths on the case, or clues to the crime?  Find out in these feline felonies.

As before with previous discussion series, “A Taste of Murder” in 2011, “Unusual Sleuths” and “Unearthing Murder” in the first half of 2012, and “A Little French Murder”—which concludes in November—I invite readers of The Poisoned Martini to join me online in sharing their love of mysteries. Comment on this post with some of your favorite mystery titles, involving felines, and join me in reading the books selected for the series, “Purr-fect Murders.”

The series kicks off in December with the now classic, The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson Braun.  After a nearly 20 year hiatus, Braun returned to the mystery scene in 1986 with this cat tale.  Reporter Jim Qwilleran lands a new beat and a new apartment in this fourth installment.  He and his two Siamese cats are on the case when a former flame of Jim’s disappears.

Then begin a new year with Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme by Carole Nelson Douglas.  In this 22nd Midnight Louie tale, publicist Temple Barr is involved in the creation of a Las Vegas mob museum/casino.  Murders, old and new, complicate the project and Temple will rely on Midnight Louie and his gang of savvy alley cats to solve the crime.

February brings Cat Breaking Free by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.  When an L.A. gang begins breaking into the tranquil village of Molena Point’s shops, P.I. Joe Grey, a cat, begins to investigate.  He suspects the involvement of a pretty blode who’s moved in next door to his human companion.  Then one of the gang is murdered and it’s up to Joe Grey to save the day.

Then in March, it’s time for To Catch a Cat by Marian Babson.  A young boy, wanting to be accepted by the kids at school, agrees to kidnap a neighbor’s cat and witnesses a murder in the process.

Finally, in April, Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter.  At least, in Blaize Clement’s debut novel.  A cat sitter finds a dead man face down in an Abyssinian’s water bowl.  The cat’s owner has vanished leaving behind a shocking past.

See what you think of these feline-themed mysteries, starting in December. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out previous discussion series, “A Taste of Murder”, “Unusual Sleuths”, “Unearthing Murder”, and “A Little French Murder.”  Click on the series titles for the relevant book lists.

Reviews for the books in the “Purr-fect Murders” series will appear around the middle of the month for which they’re selected. Look for them and share your thoughts on these meow-tastic reads!

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