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Friday Cocktail


It’s flaming!  This week’s Friday Cocktail is on fire, literally.  Warm yourself up this winter with the B52!

Though the origin of the drink is sketchy, this shooter is named for the B-52 bomber planes used during the Vietnam War.  The drink is commonly served in a tall shot glass or sherry glass, and the ingredients layered.

What you’ll need:Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Creme, and Grand Marnier


Use equal portions of each liqueur.  I recommended 1 ounce of each.  First, pour Kahlua in your glass of choice.  Gently pour the Bailey’s Irish Creme over the Kahlua.  I find using the back of the sppon and pouring to the side of the glass works.  Last, pour the Grand Marnier over the Bailey’s.

Optionally, light the Grand Marnier before serving.  Just make sure the glass you’re using is heatproof.  And of course, wait until the flame goes out before drinking.

How I like it:  It doesn’t need to be lit.  This drink is meant to be drunk like any shooter.  Down it in a gulp.  However, I do like to sip mine.  Makes it last longer and these three liqueurs are excellent ones to savor.  Alternatively, one could mix all three ingredients in a shaker over cracked ice and strain into a glass of choice.  Either way, it’s an enjoyable drink for a winter’s evening.

Safety first!  Put out the flame and drink responsibly!

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